Monday, 26 March 2012

New York Part 2. Tickety Boo.

Oh we ticked the hell out of our to-do list.

Seinfeld Cafe from the outside
 proper diner on the inside.

Brooklyn Bridge

many exciting cocktail and dinner venues

 so, it's a little hard to see (photo below) but the drink on the left was served in a hollowed out pineapple with kissing flamingos to garnish, and the one on the right had a little monkey swinging from a tree. Mine in the middle was a little tame in comparison so naturally I went for the song and dance pina colada in a pineapple for the next round. We had a good night.
After this particular round of cocktails we went to WD~50, the restaurant that when mentioned all New Yorkers make a slight involuntary gasp followed by an appreciative noise. I can see why. I have no photos (could have *something* to do with aforementioned cocktails) but we did the tasting menu with wine paring. AMAZE. And drunkety! So much fun!

 Tabare; cute venue, gorgeous Uruguayan food


 exciting new flavours of snack
(I love snack. Especially when using the fashion singular)


Top of The Rock - so (comparatively to the Empire State) quiet and really great viewing platforms.

It had to be done.

 Manis (No pedis. No way. I'm not a fan of feet. Not even my own.)

The beautiful New York Library

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